Why develop SSHMeIn?

More and more companies are turning to Unix as the technology for their servers. Consequently, there has to be a simple way to manage these servers remotely, without compromising the network security. Easy! Just open a SSH tunnel from the inside. SSHMeIn allows control via a 2.0 / AJAX interface the creation of SSH tunnels as needed.


You need to manage multiple Unix computers? No problem. It is possible to organize multiple computers under a single group. Then you can find them in a blink of the eye.

Visual themes

SSHMeIn uses jQuery-UI for its 2.0 / AJAX interface. Because of « Themeroller » , you can choose the visual appearance of the app and appreciate it more. A small plus!

Active tunnels

What tunnels are open right now? The tunnel notification zone allows you to quickly note the open or closed status of your tunnels.

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